Marketing tips via blog posts

BusinessVoice, a point-of-entry-marketing agency, is posting a marketing tip on the BusinessVoice Facebook page every day at 11 am for 25 days leading up to Christmas 2012.  Each tip is linked to a related BusinessVoice Blog post.  Go to for the tip and then click on the link therein to see how that particular tip was implemented,  If you are curious about the phrase "point-of-entry-marketing", think about the points of entry to your business or organization.  There are three of them: the telephone, the front door, and the web site.  Go to to learn how your marketing efforts can be enhanced with services from BusinessVoice.


45% Discount on USB On Hold Messaging Announcers

A USB Messenger that uses a Flash Drive (or Thumb Drive or Memory Stick) can accommodate On Hold Messaging productions considerably longer than the typical 4 minutes or 8 minutes to which many play back devices are limited - including ExpressOnHold's refurbished cassette loaded PD-4R and PD-8R.  Using a USB play back device permits longer productions especially if there is concern that callers on hold for more than 8 minutes will  hear the same message twice during a single on hold period.   Please call 877-773-9773 (Eastern Time Zone) to discuss options for productions longer than 8 minutes. 

We are pleased to announce a 45% discount on the price of our USB Messenger from $362 to $199 per unit. A complete description and specifications of the unit can be found on the "Equipment/Delivery Options" page.  You can get to that page from any other page of the web site.



Tell callers to vote in your on hold messaging

Voting is good!  Why not use your on hold messaging to encourage callers to go to your web site to vote.  On what, you ask?  Tell callers that you want their opinion on: the various designs for a new product offering; the effectiveness of a particular presentation that is linked to your web site; the visual appeal of a print advertisement; or, to have some fun with the concept, the best of the holiday decorations created by your associates for the "Decorate for the Holidays" Contest (post photos from which visitors may choose).  The timing of this idea may be a bit late for this federal election cycle, but if you have folks aware of voting on a regular, albeit infrequent basis, they may be more inclined to vote in federal, state, and municipal elections.  And what's wrong with that?  


On Hold Messaging does not always have to be about products and services.

Have you wondered what kind of things you should mention in your messages?  The obvious items are your products and/or your services, and how your current customers have benefited from them.  But how about introducing your associates?  That way, your callers will know a little bit about the person with whom he or she is speaking.  How about mentioning community service projects in which your company has been involved; for example, that your employees raised $2200 in the Race for the Cure or the Bike to the Bay. Anecdotes like that in your on hold messaging go a long way to personalizing your employees for your callers.


Lessons from participation in sports

Mind Over Water - lessons on life from the art of rowing by Craig Lambert.  Anyone who has ever been involved in sports - either individual or team - will find him or herself in the pages of this book.  More to the point, there are lessons about poise, achieving balance, making mistakes, entertaining doubts (a fatal trap), killing the mental noise both in your sport and in life.  Perhaps a story about your experiences in sport might give a personal side to your business.  Why not share a lesson you learned from your participation in sports, a lesson that helped you achieve something special in your business, a tip that might help someone else?  And what better opportunity to share that with many by offering that lesson through one of the messages in your on hold messaging production from ExpressOnHold?


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