Tell callers how things work with On Hold Messaging

Telling callers who are listening to your on hold messages how your products work may just encourage them to come in for a look-see or to click on your web site to get a better understanding of the operation of a piece of equipment.  The on hold message does not have to be very long – less than 30 seconds – but packed with enough of a “teaser” to suggest a “call to action”.  For example, “Some of our aroma marketing scents provide a calming effect on anxious, nervous, apprehensive customers, clients, employees.  That’s the benefit. Let us share some ideas with you when you return to the phone.” or “We all know people who need care, but don’t want to leave their homes for a nursing home.  Tell us what concerns you have; we’ll tell you if we have the services to handle them.”


Direct callers to your web site with On Hold Messages

Are you proud of your web site?  Are you driving people to your web site so that they can know more about what you do, how you do it, and how favorably your existing client base feels about you? Use your on hold messages to recommend that callers click on your web site.  Use on hold messaging to encourage callers to explore your web site.  Who knows?  You may get a caller asking questions about a product or service you thought everyone already knew about.  Wouldn’t that be refreshing to learn that not everyone does know about all that you do?  Now that you know, you can do something about that issue.


Not just products and services

Your on hold messaging does not have to be all about products and services.  How about offering medical/health tips – not medical advice – but seasonal things such as using sun screen, inspecting for ticks, symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, reminders to renew CPR certification and or skills for emergency first aid, symptoms of hyperthermia and hypothermia, the dangers of playing/working on the ice, the health benefits of exercising, eating right, and getting enough rest.


Answer typical questions with On Hold Messaging

What questions are callers asking often?  How about using on hold messaging to answer some of those frequently asked questions?  The obvious ones have to do with working hours, locations, emergency contact information; those are almost universally applicable.  How about operation of a particular piece of equipment?  How about specific maintenance tips for the more commonly purchased tools or pieces of equipment? Ask your service desk people or receptionist what questions they are being asked all too often


Reflect company personality in your On Hold Messaging

What is your company’s personality?  How about introducing that personality to your callers via your on hold messaging?  It is okay to use humor in on hold messaging.  It is okay to talk about your valued employees and why they are valued.  It is entirely appropriate to mention awards and recognitions.  It is okay to brag about contributions of time, talent, money (maybe) by your employees to the communities in which they live and work.  Why bother?  It enhances the image.  It provides opportunities for discussions about topics of mutual interest; e.g. “I didn’t know you were into quilting”; “You are a marathon runner”; “Your son or daughter is in the military.” You get the idea.


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