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Equipment & Delivery Options

Need an on hold messaging digital announcer?  The X-USB is easy to use, American-made, and competitively priced! 

Have an on hold messaging digital announcer? can deliver productions on a cassette, an audio or data CD, flash drive, or via e-mail in .wav file or MP3 format. 




Messages are stored and delivered flash drives, also known as memory sticks or thumb drives. systems are encrypted so they only play audio that we produce for you. That's a nice security feature. You'll never have to worry that your callers are hearing inappropriate or unlicensed content because one of your employees plugged in the wrong memory stick. (We apologize to the office pranksters!)

 Industrial designed extruded aluminum case for many years of service.

Carefully selected electronics for great digital sound quality.

Auto Restart feature in the event of a power failure, no loss of your audio files.  The memory stick/flash drive is the memory (so leave it in the unit). 

5-Year Warranty on parts and labor.

Just $209.00!


X-USB Technical Specifications


LED Indicator                           Red LED Status Light

Memory Type                           Non-Volatile USB Flash

Memory Capacity                     Up To 16 Gigabytes ( Shipped with 128Mb Drive)

Sampling Rate                          8K to 256K Stereo - Auto Detected By Player

Maximum Files                         Up To 512 MP3 Files

Message Playback                  Continuous Loop

Output Volume                         Continuously Variable

Audio Output                            RCA – 3 Watt  

Power Supply                          120VAC 60Hz to 12VDC @ 500mA

Mounting                                   Built In Wall Mounting Tabs

Test Speaker                            Built In With Push On/Off Switch

Dimensions                               5.4W X 1.7H X 3.1L Inches

Weight                                      1.1 Pounds Including Power Supply And Packaging 

Please remember:   If you remove the memory stick/flash drive, the on hold messaging stops playing. currently has a limited supply of refurbished digital announcers starting at just $79!

The PD-4R has a 4-minute memory; the PD-8R, an 8-minute memory. On Hold Messaging productions are loaded via cassette tape into the announcers digital memory, and audio is broadcast from that digital memory (and not the cassette).   The cassette should be left in the digital announcer as it will automatically reload your production in th event of a power outage.

Either unit comes with a 10 foot audio cable; 12 VDC power adaptor, mounting screws, built-in monitor speaker, LED status indicator, one year parts and labor warranty.  It will provide continuous playback quality effective to 96 kbps, with RCA audio outputs of either 600 ohm or 8 ohm. Output has a 5 watt amplifier. On Hold will supply an instruction sheet with each refurbished unit ordered.






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