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Professional On Hold Messaging Made Easy

On hold messaging from Express On Hold

Click on Voice Samples and Music Samples to listen to our voice talent and music styles. Jot down your favorites. You'll need them when ordering. 


Click on Pricing to check pricing and other details of production and equipment options. (Feel that sudden rush of adrenaline?  You're halfway done!). Select your voice talent, music style, tempo, and any other options. Then, paste your script into the copy box and click Add to cart. 


Confirm your order, log-in or register, and click Checkout. Then, plan a small party, because your new on hold messaging will be on the way before you can say "Who needs more dip?"


Is the thought of creating a script daunting? We can help you express yourself.

With, you can write your own on hold messaging script or have one of our professional copywriters develop a script for your approval. If you'd like a few pointers on crafting your copy, check out our helpful Script Tips or The Blog.

"How many words can I cram into my on hold messaging script?"

We suggest you avoid the cramming. Instead, shoot for a 50/50 mix of messages and music. That lets your callers process each message and not feel overwhelmed by information. By following the 50/50 formula...

  • A 4-minute on hold messaging production might include two to two-and-a-half minutes worth of copy (about 5 to 6 messages).
  • An 8-minute production might include four to five minutes of copy (about 9 to 10 messages).


Kind Words from Clients

“Ed sounds fantastic and professional. He really brought the message to life!  We are more than happy with your services and will be using you again in the near future for our upcoming events and promotions. Wonderful job, guys. I will certainly recommend On Hold at any available opportunity.”

-Vincent Davi, SD Truck Spring



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