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The Benefits of On Hold Messaging

Behold, the many benefits of on hold messaging!The Mayans believed that exposure to on hold messaging made a person slightly more entertaining at dinner parties.  While some archeologists debate whether the Mayans had the formalwear necessary for dinner parties, they all agree that on hold messaging does allow you to speak directly to your callers on hold.

“What's to be gained from marketing to people that have already called our company?”

Good question.

Even your best customers don’t remember everything you sell, but with on hold messaging you can easily remind callers about more of the products and services you offer. And building that top-of-mind awareness is key to increasing your customer share (how much each person buys from you) and revenue. 


You can also use on hold messaging to:
- Support your brand identity
- Remind callers of your exclusive products
- Reinforce the reasons customers buy from you

- Educate prospective customers about your warranty and customer loyalty programs
- Tell callers about your service and support teams
- Promote the unique extras that keep your customers coming back

When done well, on hold messaging can generate interest, reinforce your company’s brand and value, and start conversations with your callers, all of which can lead to deeper relationships and increased sales.



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