On hold message reflects unique selling proposition

How well do your service desk personnel answer the phones?  Are they repeating your unique selling proposition in some fashion?  Does their answering style provide a lead in to the on hold messages they will hear when or if they are placed on hold?   Think of the impact in terms of branding and first impressions.


On Hold Messaging keeps them from calling Brand X

Is it possible to influence buyer decisions with your on hold messaging?  Absolutely!  What if the caller learns of a product or service about which he was unaware while he listens to your on hold messages?  Originally he was planning to call Brand X; now he doesn’t need to because he can do all his shopping at your location.


On Hold messaging - the first impression

What is that old chestnut about first impressions being lasting impressions?  One of those first impressions is formed by what a caller hears – or does not hear – when he or she is placed on hold.  Favorably reinforcing the reasons that an individual has called is what well thought out On Hold Messaging will do.  Don’t give your callers a reason to hang up because of what they hear – or don’t hear!


Top of Mind Awareness

Top-of-Mind awareness works wonders by increasing impulse purchases.  What better way to enhance top of mind awareness than to educate and influence callers with on hold messaging while they are waiting to talk to you.  Potential customers have called to learn more about your offerings. Some may even be ready to do business with you.  Give them information that may well encourage impulse purchases over and above the reason(s) for their calls.


Do your callers know everything you do?

What if your caller has purchased the same product from you for years – for so long that his perception of you is that you can provide only that one product or product line?  On hold messaging can promote products and services about which callers may have forgotten or maybe never knew.  You don’t want prospects or customers calling Brand X when you can provide what is needed.  On Hold messages can be very persuasive.  Does the concept of one-stop shopping ring a bell?  Does the promotion of one-stop shopping have some appeal? On Hold Messaging from OnHoldMessaging will help callers realize the benefit of one-stop shopping.


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