Shorter on hold messages are better

Think about how often you get annoyed with the amount of time taken up by a string of radio ads. The operative word is “string”.  You hear an ad for the Chevy Bolt, followed immediately by an ad for the Ford Focus which in turn is followed by an ad for car insurance, then USPS, then Speedway gasoline and sandwiches, etc.  Did you lose interest?  Did you shut down the auditory nerve in the inner ear? What’s the point?  When people are on hold, do not “blitz” them with a string of messages.  Give them one short – 20-25 second – on hold message then an equal amount of time of music so that the caller can absorb, maybe even think about, what she just heard, before there is another “blast of verbiage”. So think about that as you write your copy for an Express On Hold 4-minute or 8-minute production.



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