Statistics about On Hold Messaging

Some statistics - from a survey conducted by the On Hold Messaging Association - should reinforce for you the value of on hold messages instead of "dead silence" or music only while callers are on hold.  1.  85% of the 1555 respondents to the nationwide survey said they would recommend on hold messaging service to other businesses.  2.  74% of respondents said that building image and professionalism was the reason for implementing on hold messaging (OHM).  3. 72% used OHM to promote the sale of products and services.  4.  58% wanted to avoid having callers on hold to dead silence.   5.  56% saw the value of entertaining and/or informing callers via the on hold messages. 

Those who implement OHM of some sort are well served to change the production occasionally.  That way regular callers who call with some frequency don't get to the point where hearing the same messages and music for the umpteenth time drives them to distraction.   Maybe even driving them to hang up!  You don't want that, do you?


What will you do with your 13 hours?

If you had to spend 13 hours on hold each year, what would you want to hear?

I'm asking because you probably do spend 13 hours on hold each year. So do your customers.

According to a new study, more than half of the 500 consumers surveyed wait on hold for about 15 minutes per week, or 13 hours annually. And if your company has lengthy hold times, your frequent callers are likely spending much longer than that on hold.

So, it's worth thinking about what you're doing for your callers to a) keep them on the line, b) shorten their perceived wait, and c) create value, so they won't feel as if they're wasting time whenever they call your company.

As an on hold messaging provider since 1989, we have more than our share of experience with creating this specific type of content. Here are three key points to keep in mind, whether you're creating your own on hold messaging or evaluating the philosophies of various providers:

1) It's all about your callers. Promoting what you do and sell is fine, as long as you present the information in a way that addresses specific caller needs or answers common caller questions.

2) Change is good. Your on hold messaging content should be updated often enough that your frequent callers don't get to the point where they have your messages memorized and beg you, "Don't put me on hold!"  Fresh copy and music let your frequent callers know that you care about their time on hold. Something to consider.

3) Provide a unique experience. Strive to use your on hold messaging in a way that both serves your brand identity well and sets your company apart in a way callers will remember long after they hang up.  You want them calling you - not  "Brand X" - the next time they pick up the phone. Right?

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Use On Hold Messaging to promote your social networking sites

Over 1 billion people in the world are on Facebook, including over 175 million Americans That's 1 of every 2 people in the United States.  Enough of them are adults that you can do yourself a big favor by having a Facebook presence.

Twitter recently surpassed 400 million accounts. LinkedIn boasts over 200 million users.  Those are the statistics that are currently making the rounds. 

 If your marketing efforts do not include time spent on Facebook, link-ing (as it were) and tweeting, you may well be missing an opportunity.  So tell callers when they are listening to your on hold messaging how to find you on each of these Social Networking sites. And if you do not have on hold messaging, you can get started on acquiring it right from this web site or contacting ExpressOnHold via e-mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or calling 877-713-9773 in the Eastern Time zone.


Use On Hold Messaging to reinforce your marketing and sales efforts

Print advertising, electronic advertising, promotions, jingles, word of mouth - all help to get potential customers to call, visit or click.  Just for now, let's consider those who call - and get placed on hold. What do they hear? Nothing?  The radio playing a competitor's advertisement?  Messages completely unrelated to what was presented to get them to call?  How does that help the customer decide that your product or service is the one he or she should purchase?

Let the caller hear about your promotions, your specials, what sets your organization apart from the competition, your unique selling proposition?  The telephone is a touch point that will support your marketing and sales efforts, if you let it.  The caller is captive.  Why not use the caller's time on hold to educate, enlighten, inform, and/or influence her/him in your favor?


Emphasize important days in your messages

Can special holidays be recognized in On Hold Messaging?  Sure!  Why not?  The Christmas season is often acknowledged for callers who are placed on hold because they hear Christmas messages, holiday greetings, and/or the music of the season.  What holidays might you want to mention in your On Hold Messaging?  What special days unique to your company or organization; i.e. the day your company was founded?  What special events; e.g. awards and recognitions for your employees and your company?  What contributions to the community where you are located; e.g. volunteerism by your employees, donations to local charities, work with youth or the disadvantaged in the community?  Messages that address these put a human touch, personalize, and promote good feelings about your company or organization.  Try it.  See what reactions you get.


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