45% Discount on USB On Hold Messaging Announcers

A USB Messenger that uses a Flash Drive (or Thumb Drive or Memory Stick) can accommodate On Hold Messaging productions considerably longer than the typical 4 minutes or 8 minutes to which many play back devices are limited - including ExpressOnHold's refurbished cassette loaded PD-4R and PD-8R.  Using a USB play back device permits longer productions especially if there is concern that callers on hold for more than 8 minutes will  hear the same message twice during a single on hold period.   Please call 877-773-9773 (Eastern Time Zone) to discuss options for productions longer than 8 minutes. 

We are pleased to announce a 45% discount on the price of our USB Messenger from $362 to $199 per unit. A complete description and specifications of the unit can be found on the "Equipment/Delivery Options" page.  You can get to that page from any other page of the web site.




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