Statistics about On Hold Messaging

Some statistics - from a survey conducted by the On Hold Messaging Association - should reinforce for you the value of on hold messages instead of "dead silence" or music only while callers are on hold.  1.  85% of the 1555 respondents to the nationwide survey said they would recommend on hold messaging service to other businesses.  2.  74% of respondents said that building image and professionalism was the reason for implementing on hold messaging (OHM).  3. 72% used OHM to promote the sale of products and services.  4.  58% wanted to avoid having callers on hold to dead silence.   5.  56% saw the value of entertaining and/or informing callers via the on hold messages. 

Those who implement OHM of some sort are well served to change the production occasionally.  That way regular callers who call with some frequency don't get to the point where hearing the same messages and music for the umpteenth time drives them to distraction.   Maybe even driving them to hang up!  You don't want that, do you?



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