Office Olympics Winners announced on On Hold Messaging

The Olympics are in full swing here at the end of July.  How about some office Olympics?  And announce the winners in your on hold messaging?  The down side may be that the on hold messaging production will have a relatively short shelf life.  But what a great way to talk about your employees, to indicate to your callers that the folks who are helping them are real people with fun accomplishments.  What kind of events?  Sharpen 24 fresh-out-of-the-box pencils, run 100 letters through the postage meter, package ten standard product items for shipping, tally up ten expense reports - error free, estimate package weights, deliver ten cups of coffee with the correct sugar/cream mixture to ten other employees, find ten current clients who are prime candidates for additional products/services, convert five of them (That may take a little time!), race office chairs down the hall way or around the perimeter of the floor, set up a miniature golf course in the office and play, hide (in plain sight) whatever item that always comes up missing and time the length of the search.  You get the idea!  Remember to announce the winner(s) in an on hold messaging production. 



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