Calls to action in on hold messaging

Remember, friend...Use your calls to action!

Recently, we saw a newspaper ad for a local theatre's upcoming season. The whole point of an ad like this is to sell tickets, right? But the ad copy didn't include a box office telephone number. There was no web address. And the theatre's street address? Nowhere to be found.

If you're following along at home you may be asking yourself the same questions we did: how would anyone who saw that ad know how, when or where to buy tickets?

Here's how this relates to your on hold messaging.

Telling your callers about your products or services is important, but you can't stop with a list of benefits. You also need to tell them - very specifically - what you want them to do with that information. It's known as a "call to action" and if you don't use it, you make it more difficult for interested callers to buy your product.

The theatre's newspaper ad required readers to do too much work to buy tickets or get more details. After seeing the ad, potential customers would still need to look for the telephone number in the phone book, or conduct an online search to find the website. Hardly heavy lifting for anyone, but why put your potential customers through any extra steps when they're ready to buy from you?

Visit THIS page of our website. Ask for THIS person at THIS extension. Test drive THIS vehicle on THIS day and we'll give you THIS free gift. When you provide specific calls to action in your on hold messaging copy, you'll increase your response rate, and provide a direct path your callers can follow to get what they want quickly and easily.



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