5 copywriting tips for on hold messaging

George Orwell's typewriter, George, Jr.

The folks at MarketingProfs send out a sweet little newsletter on email marketing called Get to the Point. This issue refers to a blog post by Lauren Vargas. She says 1984 author George Orwell may be able to teach us how to write more effectively...if only he were still alive and prone to offering free advice, that is.

Actually, Lauren says we can apply his examples when writing marketing copy, including
on hold messaging.

In a nutshell, she and George suggest the following: 1) avoid cliches, 2) use shorter words,
3) cut unnecessary words, 4) use the active voice, and 5) don't use foreign phrases or technical jargon when plain, everyday English will do. Check out the details here, but try not to gasp aloud at the picture of the scary man.



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