The digital OnHoldMessaging.com playback units sold by OnHoldMessaging.com include a three-year warranty. You should receive a copy of the warranty with the product. If, within three years, the unit fails for any reason listed in the warranty, we will replace it at no charge to you. Because OnHoldMessaging.com playback units are encrypted, they only play audio that has been produced by OnHoldMessaging.com. The memory sticks we provide are also encrypted and play only in OnHoldMessaging.com equipment.

OnHoldMessaging.com is not responsible for any claims of product defect that are due to the misuse and/or abuse of the product, misapplication of the item, or inappropriate product choice. We are not responsible for any damage to telephones, telephone systems or any ancillary equipment or systems resulting from the use or misuse of an OnHoldMessaging.com product. Any warranty the products carry will be null and void if the item is used inappropriately according to the enclosed directions. 



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