Federated Car Care Center Messages

1. The ASE-certified technicians at Federated Car Care Centers are skilled and experienced. They’re always learning about new automotive tools and technology. And they’re required to pass at least one test every five years to maintain their ASE certification. So, when your car needs service or repairs, pull up to a Federated Car Care Center, where you can trust the work will be done correctly. Look for more information online at FederatedCarCare.com.
2. Hey race fans! Wanna’ get dirty with Kenny and the “Two  Guys”? Follow Federated Car Care spokesman Ken Schrader at ARCA and local dirt track events across the country this year. For a list of events, follow us on Facebook or visit FederatedAutoParts.com.
3. Looking for peace of mind? Have your car repaired at a Federated Car Care Center that participates in the Federated nationwide warranty program. Our nationwide warranty gives you 12 months or 12,000 miles worth of protection on parts and labor. The warranty is valid on specific service and repair work performed by participating repair facilities if a problem should occur more than 25 miles from the original repair facility. Ask about this free warranty when you stop in…or visit FederatedAutoParts.com and click on “Nationwide Repair Warranty” on the right side of the page.
4. A study by the Car Care Council showed that, of all the vehicles they checked, 54% had low tire pressure; 38% had insufficient or dirty engine oil; 28% had inadequate cooling protection; 19% needed new belts; 16% had dirty air filters and 10% had low or contaminated brake fluid. Many of these problems can reduce gas mileage; some can even lead to breakdowns or accidents. Don’t put off  routine maintenance. Pull into your Federated Car Care Center soon and let us make sure your vehicle is safe and running as efficiently as possible. Schedule an appointment when we return.
5. Winter driving calls for extra caution, even in parts of town you’re familiar with. You never know what kinds of obstacles are hiding under piles of snow, and it’s hard to tell if that shine on the road is water or black ice. Slow down, keep extra distance between you and the next driver when you can, and remember if you do start to slide, steer into the skid. Yes, you’ve been told that since day one of driver’s education, but a little reminder doesn’t hurt! Drive carefully.

6. Don’t let prices at the pump keep you from taking a road trip. According to the Car Care Council, it costs nearly four times as much for a family of four to travel by plane than by car. Traveling by car also allows you to keep your own schedule, stop along the way to sightsee or get out and stretch, and pack as much or as little as you choose – with no fees attached. But before you embark, see the A.S.E. - certified technicians at Federated Car Care Centers to make sure your vehicle is road-ready.

7. There’s nothing like a road trip over a long weekend to help you relax and re-charge. To make sure your getaway is as carefree as possible, spend some time before you leave to make sure your vehicle is safe and running as well as it can. Change the oil. Clean the battery terminals. Check the coolant level, belts, hoses, and tire pressure. And, while you’re at it, vacuum the interior and give her a good wash and wax. Take good care of your car and it’ll take you down the road for miles and years to come. A reminder from your friends at Federated.

8. Have you ever wondered why oil is so important to your vehicle? Because your engine is made up of hundreds of moving parts, oil is needed to keep them lubricated and is constantly circulating throughout to keep your engine running at its best. Your oil filter helps by removing the dust and metal shaving the oil picks up in the process. So be sure to check your owner’s manual for recommendations on how often you need to change the oil and the filter. And when it’s time, stop into your Federated Car Care Center!

9.  Did you know that the Car Care Council sponsors car maintenance events to help you understand your car’s maintenance needs? Events are held year-round, but many of them take place during April- National Car Care Month, and October- Fall Car Care Month. For more information, check out carecare.org. (Pause) We appreciate your call and we’ll be back in just a moment.

10.  With today’s higher gas prices, a lot of people are putting off that new car purchase and taking better care of the car they already have. Makes good sense. Today’s vehicles are built to last, and by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule you can save a lot of money by keeping your car a few years longer. Let us help. Schedule your appointment when we return to your call.

11. Proper tire inflation can improve gas mileage by more than 3% when maintained regularly. Tires tend to lose air over time. Save money and wear and tear on your tires by checking your tire inflation monthly. Proper inflation pressures can be found in your owner’s manual or on a sticker on the driver’s doorjamb. Thank you for calling Federated Car Care Center. We’ll be back on the line shortly.

12. The transmission is one of the most complicated systems in your vehicle, so take good care of it by maintaining the proper level of transmission fluid and servicing it according to the manufacturer’s recommended mileage intervals.  It’s never a good idea to put off routine vehicle maintenance. Stop on into your Federated Car Care Center soon and let us make sure your vehicle is safe and running as efficiently as possible. Schedule an appointment when we return.

13. Here are a few ways to get more mileage out of each tank of gas, from your friends at Federated. Check your driveway now and then for leaks in your gas tank. Even a small hole can be costly. Make sure your gas cap fits securely. A loose cap will allow gas to evaporate. Shut off the engine when you’re at the ATM, waiting at a railroad crossing or whenever you’ll be idling for more than 30 seconds. And if you can, do without your air conditioning. The A.C. can reduce your mileage by as much as 20%.              

14. (SFX car crash) According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadway. The most common distractions include: texting, eating or drinking, grooming, talking to other passengers, using a navigation system, and adjusting your radio, CD player or MP3 player.  Your friends at Federated offer these tips to help avoid accidents:  remember that driving requires your complete attention, pull safely off the road before making a phone call or sending or reading text messages, wait until you’re at a stop light to change the radio station or make any other adjustments.

15. Did you know that regular brake inspections are the best way to ensure safe and reliable braking and minimize the cost of repairs when brake service is needed? Safety comes first, have your brakes checked regularly. Schedule your appointment when we return to your call. (Pause) Thanks for calling Federated; we’ll be with you in a moment.

16. Do you know what to do when confronted with an aggressive driver? Your friends at Federated offer these tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: make every attempt to get out of that driver's way. Next, forget your pride; don’t challenge an aggressive driver by speeding up. Avoid eye contact and refuse to acknowledge and return any gestures that driver makes. If you have a passenger, ask your passenger to call the police and report the other vehicle or wait until you’ve come to a safe location, pull over, and call the police.

17. Your vehicle is a big investment, so proper maintenance is crucial. One area that is often overlooked is your windshield. Did you know that, in addition to keeping bugs out of your teeth while you’re driving, your windshield is also responsible for preventing the roof from caving in upon impact, as well as securing the airbag system? If you notice cracks or chips, have your windshield replaced immediately. Don’t slam your car doors, as it may cause vibrations making existing cracks and chips bigger. Limit exposure to direct sunlight whenever possible, as it shortens the life of your windshield. Clean your wiper blades regularly and replace them every six months. (Pause) Thanks for calling your Federated Car Care Center.

18. It’s a good idea to consider your gas tank empty when the gauge shows that there are 6 or so gallons left. Because your fuel pump is located at the bottom of the gas tank, it could well get clogged with sludge if the level of fuel in the tank gets too low. You don’t want to pump sludge - it will burn up the pump - unless, of course, you want Federated Car Care to replace it. We can, but we would prefer that we would not have to. 

19. When you find yourself stranded in snow or mud, don’t worsen the situation by spinning your tires. Instead, rock back and forth. If that doesn’t work, call a tow truck. Spinning your tires at high speeds or changing from drive to reverse repeatedly will cause costly damage to your transmission. (Pause) Thanks for calling Federated. We’ll come back to your call in just a moment.

20. Before lowering the electric windows in your car during the winter, allow the interior of your vehicle to warm up. Otherwise, you risk burning up the motor when windows are frozen in place. Another car care tip brought to you by your friends at Federated. We appreciate your call and we’ll be back on the line shortly.



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